Meeting Minutes

Village of Greenwood

Board of Trustees Meeting

May 10, 2017

The Greenwood Village Board of Trustees met in regular session on Wednesday, May 10, 2017, at the E.L. McDonald Community Center. Present were trustees Michelle Criswell Kevin Gerlach, Larry Meyer, Megan Piehl and Matt Starr. Minutes by Clerk/Treasurer Marcia Fiala. Notice of the meeting was posted in three public places (the Post Office, the community center and bulletin board in front of Clerk’s Office.) A copy of the proof of publication, as well as the Chairman and Trustees’ acknowledgement of receipt of notice, are on file. Proceedings hereafter noted were taken while the meeting was open to the public.

Call to Order

Chair Criswell called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and publicly stated to all in attendance that a current copy of the Nebraska Open Meetings Act and a copy of all documents being discussed at the meeting were available for inspection and indicated the location of such copies in the room where the meeting was being held.

Roll Call

Fiala called each board member by name Meyer, Piehl, Criswell and Starr were present.

Consent agenda

Minutes 4/26/17, claims and time cards

Meyer made motion to approve the consent agenda for 5/10/17, Seconded by Criswell

Aye – Meyer, Piehl, Criswell, Starr and Gerlach      Nay –       Motion carried

Communication of Citizens:

Nancy Elliott spoke about how the outcome of the peer review of the fire department. Criswell stated it was all in executive session. Nancy has concerns about responding to calls without assistance. Criswell stated it was an ongoing problem. Nancy would like to know if there is anything else done pertaining to the peer review.


2 citation 2 warrants and 20 calls keep door locked, traveling salesmen. He addressed Elliott’s response that the slow respond time of the fire departments is same throughout the county. EMS services has helped out the community. Elliott asked about if there was anything about consolidating communities. He suggested contacting Weyer at Cass County.

Current Business:

Jeannie Andrews GIS - Jeannie spoke about 310 culverts in town and the maintenance and moving forward. Some of the electrical and planning and zoning was not on the map. Details town will show everything such as electrical poles, street signs, homes and businesses will be on the map in the event that we would need it for insurance purposes. Signs and maintenance plan and historical plan and work order for clean culverts and this will help the NRD and JEO to move forward in drainage with $28,000.00 and $32990.00 into 2 years this year of $12,000.00. There was a lawsuit as to the inventory and last update to checked for reflect. The software program would update creating a layer of all sign inventory the same of culverts. Another community has saved $20,000.00 in engineering fees. We would be a test program for the insurance side if the village moves forward. Jeannie will meet with our insurance agent and see if discounts are available. Long term it will pay for itself. We would save in engineering fees by $10,000 to $15,000 in the drainage issue. Make it a public website. The other communities really like it. Jeannie asked if the village is willing to move forward. Piehl would like to know how soon we are talking about the drainage. Criswell states it is a long ways away. Meyer stated we would take the funds out of street, water, sewer, electric and fire. They price everything out by the size of the town and will incorporate all the pictures throughout town and the inventory. Every dot on the map will have a feature. This will be an investment that will last a lifetime for Greenwood. GIS workshop serves 88 of the 93 counties in Nebraska. Piehl thinks we have way too many other things to do. Engineers will cost far more than this will for each project.

Meyer made a motion on GIS to start the project so the clerk knows how to pay $2,400 general, streets, fire electric and water Starr asked what that would do right away seconded by Criswell

Aye – Starr, Gerlach, Meyer and Criswell      Nay- Piehl      Motion carried

Criswell made a motion to approve the firework permit for Roger Dennis seconded by Starr

Aye – Gerlach, Starr, Piehl, Meyer and Starr      Nay- none      Motion carried

Criswell made a motion to approve the firework permit for Wild Willy’s firework stand seconded by Starr

Aye – Gerlach, Starr, Piehl, Meyer and Starr      Nay- none      Motion carried

Karen Frank asked that the library be permanently stay where we are children area and the other side easy chair. She has put together a plan to organize the library. Karen also spoke about a plan to redo the building. She spoke about how to finish the building will limited money we do not currently have and we would follow all ADA requirements and get rid of the stoves during Greenwood clean up days. Karen spoke about the windows being inviting to the community. Karen states that if they choose to move the library than she wants the whole space. Piehl stated she is fine with her staying where she is. Criswell thinks it would be very inviting to the community. Kitchen area would be a warming kitchen not a full kitchen. Karen spoke about friends of the library. Nancy wants something to show that the first plan is not being used. Criswell stated we don’t have the money. Piehl stated she is fine with the library staying in its current location. Frank gave ideas and floor plans and what will happen. Karen spoke about on this side of the building she would not have enough space and would be out of limbo. Agenda for next meeting.

New banners for the street. Piehl made a motion to purchase Criswell stated doing 3 Piehl thinks we should add 5 more. Piehl made a motion to order the 2 styles staying under $800.00 for Criswell seconded

Aye – Piehl, Meyer, Gerlach, Starr and Criswell      Nay- none      Motion carried

Just an update Nebraska Regional Interoperability Network has been signed by Criswell prior to the meeting.

Resolutions and Ordinances:

Resolution 17-2 Tobacco Free Park –

From the public health to become tobacco free Smart asked about the tobacco free they cover the cost of the signs. Press release and events farmers market outdoor movies

Criswell made a motion to pass resolution 17-2 seconded by Piehl

Aye - all      Nay – none      Motion carried

Resolution 17-3 Sale of Village lot

Criswell made a motion to pass seconded by Piehl

Aye – Piehl, Meyer and Criswell       Nay – Gerlach and Starr      Motion carried

Ordinance 462 Nuisances 2nd reading

Criswell made a motion to suspend the 3rd reading seconded by Piehl

Ask to adopt ordinance 462 Criswell read Piehl, Gerlach seconded

Aye - all      Nay – none      Motion carried

Ordinance 463 Black Hills Franchise Fee 2nd reading Criswell made a motion to suspend the 3 reading Piehl seconded

Aye - all      Nay – none      Motion carried

Criswell made a motion to adopt ordinance463 seconded by Gerlach

Aye - all      Nay – none      Motion carried

Ordinance 464 Black Hill Renew the Franchise Agreement 2nd reading

Criswell made a motion to adopt ordinance 464 seconded by Starr

Criswell made a motion to suspend the 3 readings ask to adopt Starr seconded

 Aye - all      Nay – none      Motion carried

Ordinance 465 Minimum Standard Zoning

Being referred to planning and zoning

Ordinance 466 Enforcing Reasonable Regulations at Village Board Meetings

Criswell made a motion to suspend the 3 reading seconded

Aye - Piehl, Meyer, Gerlach and Criswell

Criswell made a motion to adopt ordinance 466 8-8412 seconded by Meyer

Criswell spoke about how this ordinance is already in place. Criswell spoke about the fact this should eliminate people from the audience interrupting. Elliott stated that the community does not have a right to talk. Piehl stated that she got shut down time and time again, interrupted everyone deserves the same right and Piehl does not receive that respect. Elliott would like to know why this has to change? Does the board not want any discussion? Criswell stated it is a guideline to keep the meeting on point. The attorney speaks about how it keeps meeting on track and reasonable to conduct it business.

Aye – Meyer, Piehl, Criswell      Nay – Starr, Gerlach      Motion carried

Criswell spoke about an addition to the agenda for future agenda items to be presented to the agenda. Criswell stated that in many cases things can be addressed and not even needed to be presented to the board. By filling the form out prior to the meeting to determine how to handle it

. Criswell made a motion to agenda seconded by Meyer at 8:27 pm


Marcia Fiala, Village Clerk/Treasurer


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