Meeting Minutes

Village of Greenwood

Board of Trustees Meeting

June 28, 2017

The Greenwood Village Board of Trustees met in regular session on Wednesday, June 28, 2017, at the E.L. McDonald Community Center. Present were trustees Michelle Criswell, Kevin Gerlach, Larry Meyer, Megan Piehl and Matt Starr. Minutes by Clerk/Treasurer Marcia Fiala. Notice of the meeting was posted in three public places (the Post Office, the community center and bulletin board in front of Clerk’s Office.) A copy of the proof of publication, as well as the Chairman and Trustees’ acknowledgement of receipt of notice, are on file. Proceedings hereafter noted were taken while the meeting was open to the public.

Call to Order

Chair Criswell called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and publicly stated to all in attendance that a current copy of the Nebraska Open Meetings Act and a copy of all documents being discussed at the meeting were available for inspection and indicated the location of such copies in the room where the meeting was being held.

Roll Call

Fiala called each board member by name Meyer, Piehl, Criswell, Gerlach and Starr were present.

Consent agenda

Starr asked whether we have received Watts Electric bill. Fiala stated that there are line item questions.

Piehl made motion to approve the consent agenda for 6/14/17 minutes claims and time cards, seconded by Criswell

Aye – Gerlach, Starr, Piehl, Criswell     Nay – none     abstained - Meyer Motion carried

Elliott asked about amending the word “not” for personal comment

Communication of Citizens:

Nathan Ahlman spoke about whether the village would consider putting in 6” culvert on Broad and possibility of the approval for a lot split also on Broad St. Criswell stated that JEO suggested it should be commercial. Gerlach ask about a water line that was put in prior. There is 1500 foot that is currently only a 4” water line. Meyer spoke about a water line that Ahlman understood it is a sewer line. Meyer has nothing against development but it needs to have a survey done. Ahlman stated it has been surveyed already there should be no problem with drainage. Ahlman spoke about a possible change to Broad ST by the county that it is going to help the drainage, fix the road and possible add overpass.

New Business:

The board discussed the best times for the beer garden should be in operation. Starr thinks it is a day for kids but the horse shoes start at noon. Starr does not think the kids should even be around the area while beer is served and thinks noon is too early. They spoke about a designated smoking area for just the Greenwood Fun day. Gerlach agrees with 2pm. Piehl made a motion to approve have the beer garden to 2pm to 11 pm seconded by Gerlach

Aye – all      Nay – none      Motion carried

Fiala spoke about a park incident where the window in the women’s bathroom was broken. The person responsible was to attend to discuss the broken window. Prior to the meeting the person responsible turned himself in and offered to do community service. Starr agreed with the community service. Criswell thought we should check with insurance to make sure it is ok. Piehl stated she thinks he should volunteer for Greenwood Fun Day due to a prior incident with Jim Swenson. Gerlach stated to give him until Friday at noon and if there is no contact the Cass County Sheriff will be called. Starr stated he needs to pay restitution. Gerlach stated last he knew the rate was 15 to 25 hours per $100.00 of damage which just a guess of 40 to 50 hours community service and restitution. Gerlach made a motion to enter an agreement with the individual along with his father by Friday at noon with the expectation he will provide 45 hours of community service plus restitution for the window and if no contact is by noon then the sheriff office will be notified. Work will be completed by September 1, 2017 seconded by Starr

Aye – all      Nay – none      Motion carried

Closing streets for holiday event - no application and failed to attend the meeting.No action taken

Removal of junk cars – Ahlman proposed little slack in removing junk cars around town. Ahlman would have his attorney draw up an agreement between himself and the car owner, after agreement is signed he will haul away owner’s vehicle. Meyer stated there are procedures we have to follow. Starr stated he does not want the vehicle to be left on one of Ahlmans’s properties. Ahlman stated no it will be an in and out. Meyer spoke about coming up with a plan and the board can put it back on the agenda for 30 days. Ahlman stated he just wants to help clean up. Vickinovac stated he would need to be licensed and bond for town involvement.

Employee Handbook - Starr spoke about the possible changes to the handbook including the employees using vacation and sick time as oppose to PTO, Criswell agreed. There is a 30- minute difference between clerk’s work hours 8 to 5 and office hour 8 to 4:30 will need to modify the office hours. Stewart asked about the working hours in the summer time it is from 6 to 2:30 when it is hot. Starr said there are concerns with what happens if something comes up after maintenance hours when they come in early. Gerlach asked when the work order will be added to the software.

Tree dump - Meyer is a strong advocate of the waste water treatment plant. Meyer thinks it should be only open on Saturday and Sunday Piehl would like everyone in town to have access to use the tree dump, not everyone works the same hours and has the same availability. Starr understands the concern but thinks it is inconvenient for the community to find someone to go down and open it up. Starr agrees with Meyer’s concerns also but sees both sides. Meyer stated there have been issues with dumping rock. Piehl does not think they should fix something that is not broke. Criswell spoke about getting calls in the evening and feels it should be open when people are home but understands his concerns. Gerlach thinks maybe in it should be closed the colder months. Gerlach stated 10 years ago there was discuss to have a game camera there. No action taken

Park camera – Putting a camera up over the top of the playground. The IT guy can run them up through the light poles and it will cost around $700.00. Starr would also like to add cameras to office and shop. Starr would also like access to the cameras along with Piehl and Gerlach. Criswell and Starr spoke about the cost of breaking the contract with ADT and going to of the same cameras as the quality is better. Starr made a motion to talk to Colin put the camera up at the park and a quote on the office and the maintenance shop. Pihl seconded

Ordinance 467 – Criswell made a motion for the second reading of ordinance 467 to prohibit dogs, cats and other animals for the cemetery Piehl seconded. Meyer feels it is a duplicate to one we already have

Aye - Piehl, Criswell and Gerlach      Nay - Starr and Meyer     Motion carried

Criswell made motion to suspend the 3rd reading of ordinance 467 seconded by Gerlach

Aye – Piehl, Gerlach, Meyer and Criswell      Nay - Starr     Motion carried

After last night meeting Piehl asked for help with Meyer to help with question pertaining to the past funds of the renovation committee.

Gerlach asked about why after water been disconnected they are still being billed for sewer. Gerlach would like that looked into. The previous administration had it set up that as long as they are still tapped to the sewer line they should still be billed. The owner just wants it turned off and a credit would be nice.

There are concerns with people parking on the grass area of Memorial park.

Criswell made a motion to adjourn the meeting seconded by Meyer

Aye – all      Nay – none      Motion carried      

Meeting was adjourned at 8:15

Criswell adjourned at 8:15 pm


Marcia Fiala, Village Clerk/Treasurer


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