Meeting Minutes


July 10, 2017 7:00 p.m.

Notice is hereby given that a Meeting of the Greenwood Park & Recreation commission was held at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, July 10, 2017. Said meeting was open and the public was encouraged to attend. The Parks and Recreation Commission reserved the right to adjourn to Executive Session per State Statute 84-1410. The open meetings act was posted in the Community Center meeting room for the public to view.

Voting members present: Jeremey Dickes, Matt Holsten, Jim Swenson and Kim Thomason Voting members absent: Ryan Boggs, Mike Johnson, Luke Sobota

Non-member present: Michelle Criswell, Marcia Fiala, Megan Piehl, Jason Nichelson

Jim made a motion to approve the minutes from April 17, 2017. Jeremey seconded it. Approved as presented.

Old Business-

a. Greenwood Fun Day 2017

1. Jeremey Reported:

a. The cost of insurance for the inflatables, if added as an event rider to the town policy, is expensive.

i. We could get 4 inflatables for about $500 plus the insurance would cost about $500

ii. We could get 2 inflatables for about $500 at another vendor with his own insurance.

iii. After a brief discussion with the village board members present, Jim made a motion to choose the 4 inflatables option with extra insurance. Kim seconded it. Approved.

b. He has booked the face painter for 4 hours at $230.

c. The Christian Church has agreed to move the pancake breakfast to the Fire Station. Jeremey has reserved the fire station.

d. Trash cans are scheduled.

e. Found out that the Legion Auxiliary will not be doing anything.

2. Matt Reported:

a. Will talk to Mark Sobota and use the Fire Department sign to advertise on Rt. 6. Matt wrote down the events that we would like displayed and will fit as many on the sign as he can.

b. Will also talk to Mark about possibly having Fire Department water fights as an activity for the kids.

3. Michelle Criswell Reported:

a. The board has approved the beer garden for 2:00-11:00.

4. Megan Piehl Reported:

a. The park is smoke free.

i. We can’t enforce it but we will do our best to discourage smoking.

ii. Need a designated area for smokers. Decided it will be the beer garden.

iii. Signs are coming but Matt will pick up some more signs.

5. Jim Reported:

a. He has raffle donations from U-Stop and Treat America. He still need to approach Parkers and the Golf Course.

b. He is working with Round the Bend about the Beer Garden and food

c. Working on the Naturalist from Game and Parks. Had decided to skip archery but it was brought to his attention that the older kids enjoyed the archery and there were not many activities for that age group so may reconsider

d. He will coordinate the sandbox. Needs a work order to have the sandbox re-established. Prefer it under a tree. Needs sand

e. Tractor pull is lined up.

i. Needs the MC for the event.

f. Still needs to contact the Dog Obedience group. Having trouble reaching them.

g. What about asking Matt Starr if he will have a drone display?

6. Kim Reported:

a. The flyer is ready and it just needs the schedule. We will need to finalize the schedule by next Monday.

b. Flyer created for the car show.

c. Passing out vendor flyers in Ashland and possibly has interest from one vendor. Will continue and will contact past vendors. Other members are encouraged to purchase items from vendors.

d. Trying to find an artist for the art show but no luck yet. Will publicize for youth art.

e. Historical Society will be doing water, bake sale, Bingo and trying to put together a scavenger hunt contest.

f. Trying to find some more relay races and other fun things for kids’ games. Hold them right after the inflatables end so that the kids don’t leave.

g. Will order pedal pull trophies from the same place and use less expensive ribbon to save money.

h. Talked to Kent Rung again about music. He just needs to know the time.

i. Have not heard from Christine about the National Guard. Will visit with her.

7. Michelle Reported:

a. Car Show

i. She will contact Jerry Johnson again for more assistance.

ii. Expect this first car show will be small and will learn from it and build up.

iii. She will ask Larry Meyer for help with sponsors.

iv. Discussed the location.

Difference of opinion about blocking Main Street and the impact it will have on Yoder’s. Check with Roger Dennis. Main Street is the preference.

8. Jason Reported:

a. 5K and Fun Run-

i. He has found sponsors for the race and has organized the t-shirts.

ii. Has been recruiting volunteers to help at corners.

iii. Use of the cemetery has been approved.

iv. Will contact the sheriff about having someone on Church Road.

v. Advertise in the water bill.

vi. Website is up and running.

vii. Money goes to the VOG.

viii. Created a Facebook event and page.

ix. Flyers distributed

x. Awards of Bakers candy

xi. Discussed music at the starting line.

xii. Kevin Gerlach contacted about music for the car show.

Discussed having him from 7:15 or 7:30. But if car show is on Main Street, that won’t work. Jason said he would take care of music.

xiii. Registration is 7:00 and the race starts at 8:00.

9. Megan and Marcia Reported:

a. Parade

i. 20-30 minute.

ii. Invited some people to enter. Trying to get more people for the parade.

iii. Discussed proposed parade route.

Need to finalize.

10. The group worked on the schedule. There are still some events that need confirmation. We will need to finalize next Monday.

11. Matt will ask Black Hills if they would sponsor watermelons.

a. Or what about asking other groups in town (who might like to recruit new members) if they would sponsor watermelons?

New Business

a. Mike Johnson submitted his resignation. Kim made a motion to accept his resignation. Matt seconded it. Approved.

b. Kim made a motion to recommend that the village board appoint Jason Nichelson to fill the vacancy. Jim seconded it. Approved. Marcia will ask the board to vote on it.

Next meeting July17, 2017 at 7:00.


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