Meeting Minutes

Village of Greenwood

Board of Trustees Meeting

July 12, 2017

The Greenwood Village Board of Trustees met in regular session on Wednesday, July 12, 2017, at the E.L. McDonald Community Center. Present were trustees Kevin Gerlach, Larry Meyer, Megan Piehl and Matt Starr. Michelle Criswell is absent Minutes by Clerk/Treasurer Marcia Fiala. Notice of the meeting was posted in three public places (the Post Office, the community center and bulletin board in front of Clerk’s Office.) A copy of the proof of publication, as well as the Chairman and Trustees’ acknowledgement of receipt of notice, are on file. Proceedings hereafter noted were taken while the meeting was open to the public.

Call to Order

Pro tem Starr called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and publicly stated to all in attendance that a current copy of the Nebraska Open Meetings Act and a copy of all documents being discussed at the meeting were available for inspection and indicated the location of such copies in the room where the meeting was being held.

Roll Call

Starr called each board member by name.Meyer,Piehl,Gerlach, and Starr were present. Criswell absent.

Consent Agenda


Minutes 6/14/17, 6/27/17 and 6/28/17 claims and time cards

Starr made motion to approve the consent agenda for 7/12/17, Seconded by Gerlach

Aye – Meyer, Piehl, Gerlach and Starr      Nay – none      Motion carried

Communication of Citizens:

Ahlman spoke about that he would like to see the pictures on the Greenwood website updated. Elliott stated she is already in the process of getting that done.

Sheriff Report

For the month of June there were 11 calls responded to, 2 citations and one warrant Gerlach spoke about multiple cars are passing one vehicle on Hwy 6. The deputy reminded everyone that there have been several thefts in the county and it goes up in the summertime. Fiala spoke about some concerns with fireworks and other nuisances over the 4th of July holiday. The deputy spoke about ordinance that Eagle has on fireworks, that required time to enforce. Also, that the sheriff’s department needs a complaint from citizen before they address the offenses. Nathan asked about the garbage still on the street.

Current Business:

Park incident - Jordan Tucker confessed to breaking the window in the women’s restroom at the park. He and a buddy got into an argument in the restroom and went to hit the friend missed and got the window. Piehl thinks Tucker should help community service Greenwood Fun Day. The replacement cost of the window is $92.54 stated by Starr that Tucker is responsible for payment. Gerlach stated the community service will be done in Greenwood, if Tucker doesn’t follow through he will be turned over to the sheriff’s department. Starr stated Tucker will complete 35 hours of community service and restitution for the window. The board spoke about different things he could be doing. Fiala stated at the last meeting it was stated all hours will be done by September 1st. Gerlach stated if not it will be turned over to the sheriff department for prosecution. Piehl stated Tucker is to stay out of the park after hours.

Jim Swenson spoke about the concerns with the Ash Trees in the village Swenson talked about the trees are in a quarantined zone meaning all tree cut have to remain in the village and burnt in the tree dump. Swenson would like to get them identified as they are a liability for the homeowner and the town. Swenson will talk with the park and rec committee about becoming the tree board also to help out the committee. He stated there is not grant money available to remove the trees but there are grants to replant and replace trees for the area. Meyer asked if all Ash trees will need to be taken down. All ash trees have to be kept in the quarantined area and burnt here per the requirements of the Department of Agriculture. There were discussions about holding town hall meetings to familiarize citizens of the ash bore trees, how they remove the and putting together a basic plan and Ashland is not in the quarantine area and they came and verified it. They could start monitoring in the neighborhood. Swenson suggested contacting Julie from the Department of Agriculture about speaking at the town hall meeting.

Resignation of Mike Johnson from the park and rec and Jason Nichelson be approved. Piehl made a motion to approve Mike Johnson resignation from the park and rec committee seconded by Starr

Aye – Meyer, Gerlach, Piehl and Starr      Nay – none      Motion carried

Starr made a motion to accept Jason Nichelson as a new replacement for park and rec committee Meyer seconded

Aye – Meyer, Piehl, Gerlach and Starr      Nay – none      Motion carried

Swenson stated good project for community service is putting up and taking down the fence around the beer garden for Greenwood Fun Day. Putting the fence up will be Friday late afternoon with Dickies and take down will be around 9 am on Sunday with Swenson and Holsten.

Watts Electric wants board to decide if they want Watts to hook up electrical line from the road to the transformer at Baker’s candies. This was not part of the original bid. Piehl spoke about the meeting Piehl, Fergus and Fiala had with Dave Watts with concerns over the invoice the village received and how they completed the project and did not use the supplies that was agreed to. Piehl recommendation to have Strode do the work. Meyer agreed that they should. Piehl also spoke about the overtime billed on the bill. Watts was not here after hours and the overtime they billed should not be our problem. Watts claimed that it was spread out between all job. Meyer thinks we should try to sell wire or send it back. Table until we receive a new invoice.

Gerlach asked whether the guide wire at Elm st and 3rd has been repaired. Starr stated that 15 years ago the village had the equipment to fix the guideline and should still be able to.

Violations and Nuisances - Meyer spoke regarding unlicensed vehicles and certified letter how many of the letter come back Meyer had quite a long discussion with Jeff Hueston about zoning violations and how they need to start fixing some of them. Piehl stated to send them a bill and get the health department involved. We have to enforce it. This affects the value of others properties. Meyer stated we need to follow the code book and just keep enforcing all issues. The board needs to make a list of items to clean up and if needed get the sheriff to deliver the letters. Gerlach stated maybe we could get a flat fee for a one-time mass delivery all of the letter needed. Starr said to table for now but look at the budget.

Meyer spoke about opening up the drainage in the culverts and we had a prior board member for 6 years ask that this be done. This was never done and we could rent the machine would have to take the money out of the streets. A machine can be rented for $1800.00 for the month. Something needs to be done. Starr thinks that if they would clean out the culverts it helps the drainage. Some culverts are smashed in and jack them back open. Meyer motion to rent a small tractor with a small bucket for $1800.00 a month, motion died lack of a second. But to be put on the next meeting.

The board spoke about the need for cameras for security purposes. Starr and Gerlach spoke about the placement of maintenance shop cameras adding 3 cameras that cover all access areas into the building and behind the building. Gerlach stated it is for unauthorized vehicles coming in and out where equipment is kept. Starr also talked about the cameras for the office building. There will be one camera located in the hallway that is motion censored to turn in all directions. Starr wondered if one would be needed in the library but they feel the one in the hallway is sufficient. Starr also talked about whether to change out all the cameras at the park or just to add one to the light pole to have better sight to the playground. Fiala spoke about the contract at the park and we still have 11 months on the agreement and would be required to still pay 90% of that expense. Fiala thinks that Strode will install the outlet next Saturday

Starr made a motion to approved the one camera in park pole, one for the office and the 3-maintenance building for $1255.00 with our electricians completing the electric. Gerlach seconded

Aye – Meyer, Piehl, Gerlach and Starr      Nay – none      Motion carried

Sale of the land next to the community of the building - Roger Dennis turned in sealed bid on July 5, 2017 at 4:45pm of $50,000 with the agreement that the village pay for the survey due to the wall added to the village building which changed the pins. This included the North 97 feet of Lot 354; Lot 355 except the east 10 feet of the south 25 feet; Lot 356 – 361. Dennis has no immediate plan. Starr would love to see it developed. Dennis said that there has been interest in developing the land but no real plan.

Meyer made a motion to except Roger Dennis bid village of Greenwood the North 97 feet of Lot 354; Lot 355 except the east 10 feet of the south 25 feet; Lot 356, 357, 358, 359, 360 and 361 Village of Greenwood, Cass County Nebraska and buys as is with the contingency that the village pay for the cost of resurveying. Closing will be finalized by August 14, 2017.

Aye – Meyer, Piehl and Starr      Nay- Gerlach      Motion carried

Brandon Logue to the fire department but his application was not signed by the fire department Meyer made a motion to approve Brandon Logue but Elliott and Piehl questioned the status on the fire department die to the application not signed by a member of the fire dept and whether they had a meeting to approve Logue. Will be added to next agenda.

Meyer discussed changing the office hours. Starr spoke about having the office closed on Tuesdays. Clerk will still be working but the office will be closed to the public. Starr explained that it was already discussed at a prior meeting they just had not voted on it.

Meyer made a motion that Greenwood village office on Tuesdays and Friday afternoons will be closed and the office will open to the public Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and Friday morning commencing August 14, 2017.Seconded by Starr

Aye – Meyer, Gerlach and Starr      Nay – none      Piehl abstained      Motion carried

Starr asked if there were any questions.

Meyer stated the list of trees is the state approved guidelines list and which was same as Swenson had spoken about it earlier in the meeting. Meyer made a motion to adopt ordinance 468 on title only of 1st reading Meter read the title” An ordinance of the village of Greenwood, Nebraska establishing approved street tree species for the village, providing for an assessment and inventory of existing street trees in the village and providing for maintenance and removal of non-conforming street trees” seconded by Starr - approval of street in the right away

Aye – Gerlach, Meyer, Piehl and Starr      Nay - none      Motion carried

Suspended the 2nd and 3rd reading

Meyer made a motion to suspended the 2nd and 3rd reading of ordinance 468 seconded by Gerlach

Aye – Meyer, Piehl, Gerlach and Starr      Nay – none      Motion Carried

Swenson spoke about donating to a make a program for just cars

Swenson spoke about his concerns with having the village maintenance redo the drainage in town. He does not want others to tear up his ditch as it took him 3 years to get it looking the way it does. He suggestion there are grants to have them correct the problem. He also commented that home owners and village are partners in the drainage and the right aways. Dennis spoke about how if one cleans out the culverts it is a big issue. The problem was passed from the coop to Rogers property and Roger does not want to clean out his culvert due to the fact it will drain into the neighbors across the street. He stated it was very neighborly. Meyer spoke about the dirt and concrete.

Starr made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:34 pm Meyer seconded

Aye – all    Nay – none     Motion carried

Starr made a motion to adjourned at 8:33 pm seconded by Piehl

Aye – all      Nay – none      Motion carried


Marcia Fiala, Village Clerk/Treasurer


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